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Hyper-Blinking is the rapid flashing of the vehicles turn signals. Most vehicles are equipped with sensing circuitry to detect a burned out turn-signal light bulb. This detection is based on the typical current drawn by the original equipment light bulb. If the sensing circuitry detects that not enough current is drawn in the lamp circuit, it determines that a light bulb is burned out. The detection system indicates to the driver that a lamp is out by flashing the lamps and the dashboard indicators at a fast rate. On some newer models, the vehicles information center may also indicate a failed lamp.

Because LED technology lamps draw much less current to illuminate, some vehicles indicate that a lamp is out (Hyper-Blink) when LED lamps are used to replace the standard incandescent light bulb.

Because SWEEPLITE ®  modules use LED technology, some vehicles may Hyper-Blink if Sweeplites (or other LED lamps) are installed. If your vehicle Hyper-Blinks, additional loading resistors must be installed.

Some of our vehicle-specific lamp kits install without the need for the additional loading-resistors. However Many of our kits include compatible loading resistors to complete your installation successfully.

Additionally, for users that already have loading resistors installed or wish to save and buy them from another source, we offer kits without loading resistors.


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