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Pay By Check and Save,  USA Only

Pay By Check and Save

It's easy to save if you use our PBC (Pay-By-Check) option. Save the money you would pay your credit card company plus a little extra to put in YOUR pocket. Its easy and only takes a few days longer. Simply mail us your personal check following the instructions below. You will get the Sweeplites and save 10% off your purchase**.
The PBC option lets you order and pay in one simple step using the good old fashion US Mail. It takes about ten days longer and you pocket the ten percent savings. You must use a personal check** with your name and address imprinted. Bank checks from your bank are acceptable, be sure to fill in your complete Name and Address on the check and dont forget your email address. The Sweeplites will ship Priority Mail to the address on the check. Offer valid in the USA only.
To order, simply fill out the check for the discounted payment amount as listed for the price of your kit on our PBC Discount Schedule.
Illinois residents must add 7% sales tax*), enter the product code and quantity in the Memo-Line (Be sure the math is right) on the check, make the check payable to Syntilla Systems Inc, sign the check and place it into an envelope. Address the envelope to:


Be sure to put a return address on the envelope. Place the stamp and drop it into a mailbox. Dont forget your email address! Your Sweeplite order will arrive in about 15-20 days.
Note that orders are processed when your PBC order is received but ship only after the check clears for payment. Illinois residents must include sales tax as noted.

**We save credit card fees on the transaction and pass on a bonus for a total discount of 10%.
**No starter checks accepted, they will be returned unprocessed.

Checks received with incorrect price or part number will be returned unprocessed to the return address on the check. We are not responsible for orders lost in the US Mail.


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