Sequential LED
Tail-Lighting Systems


SWEEPLITE® is a "Patented" system of more than twenty unique LED Lamp Modules for use in original equipment vehicle tail light assemblies that will create a sequential effect when turning ON or OFF**. Each Lamp Module contains multiple timers that illuminate the LED lamps at different times to create a sweeping sequential effect. Each Sweeplite Module is designed to fit the standard lamp socket in compatible vehicles allowing installations that are as simple as changing a light bulb. Some vehicle lamp configurations may require cut and splice installations or added loading to enhance the lighting features of the vehicle and to optimize the sequential effect. When changes are needed, they are noted in the respective vehicle listings on this website.
While Sequencing Tail-Lighting systems have been
around for decades, they all required multiple cavity
lamp housings to create the desired effect. As a
general rule, a minimum of three lamps is required
to create a sequencing effect. Only a few vehicle
designs over the years included as many as three
lamps on each side to create the effect.
Sweeplites "Patented" technology allows a single
incandescent lamp to be directly replaced with a single
LED Lamp Module (basically an LED lamp) that
converts a single lamp cavity into many so that one
module can create a sequencing effect even in
vehicles with as few as one lamp per side.
Additionally, when used in vehicles with two,
three, or four lamps for each side, the effect
can be quite impressive.
Sweeplite uses Solid-State High-Intensity LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology that provides high brightness and long life for tail light applications. The narrow frequency band of the LED lamps can be more apparent and the simulated sequential movement may enhance safety. But best of all, sequential tail lights can enhance the beauty of your ride without changing that Classic-Look.

Check our website to see if your car is a good fit for Sweeplite technology or get clever and make your own customized install using the "Customize Your Car?" link.

* Some installations may require the addition of a load resistor to prevent Hyper-Blinking.
** Sweeplites sequence OFF when Headlights or Running lights are in the ON position.

Basic 2 Lamp Sweeplite Kit

Get Sequential Style and keep that Classic Look. Many installations as simple as changing a light bulb*. Not a Taillight Assembly or a Housing, just a Lamp Module (See Photo Below).


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