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Be First and Save Big

Be First and Save Big

SWEEPLITE® is a unique Patented product that can be adapted to many vehicles that we have never considered. At our discretion, we offer a 50% rebate (on Sweeplite Modules**) for first time installation projects. To qualify for our Be First offer you must receive prior approval from us. Contact us at and tell us about your project. We will consider your project based on the popularity of your vvehicle. If we do not already have an ongoing project for your v ehicle , we will consider the rebate and make the offer and indicate the limits in our email response. Please note that Sweeplites currently are only available to replace standard wedge base #3057, #3157, #4057, #4157 type standard incandescent light bulbs. We can only consider projects on vehicles that have the compatible lamp sockets. Please check your lamp types first. Please note that other lamp types are in development, so please check back for updates.

Please provide as much detail about your car as possible. Remember, turn signals can not be amber, but if you have additional red lamps, we offer devices to transfer the amber blink function and combine it in other red lamps. A photo of the rear of the vehicle is also helpful. We may request more information or make recommendations in our email correspondence. We will require a short video of the Sweeplites functioning in the compatible vehicle agreed on and details of any special wiring or loads needed. Once this is received, we will send the rebate to you after you successfully complete your installation project.

We reserve the right to limit this offer to projects with a maximum of eight Sweeplites and a maximum of 30 days to complete from the day the sweeplites for the project were purchased. This offer good for USA only.

Contact us soon!

 ** Rebate is only offered on the cost of the Sweeplite Lamp Modules, your costs for other items required in your installation are not included in our offer.


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