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SWEEPLITE ® is a registered trademark of Syntilla Systems Inc. All website images, video and content is copyright Syntilla Systems Inc. ©  2011-2013 all rights are reserved.

Sweeplite is Patented Technology. Sweeplite Modules are made in the USA using domestic and internationally sourced components.

Vehicle Names and Models are the trademarks of their respective manufacturers and are for reference only.

A note about video quality

Please note that Videos of Sweeplites in vehicles are provided by our customers. The quality of these clips is subject to many variables such as frame rate, camera quality, format and ambient light conditions. Sweeplites provide a smooth sweep effect when viewed directly. However videos often create the appearance of choppy and blooming operation. While the video of Sweeplites in you vehicle style may appear erratic, rest assured that real-life operation is spectacular. The videos below of Sweeplites in the Corvette and Mustang are fairly accurate of real-life operation. If the videos on this site do not appear on your screen, check your settings to be sure the content is not blocked.